The Puppies Are Coming!

Rusty Dog Ranch is taking deposits on our next litter of Vizsla puppies. If you are interested in putting a deposit on a puppy, please email us for more information. Our puppies are sold with an AKC Limited Registration to approved homes. We are a family breeder. We whelp and raise our puppies inside our homes. Our puppies are well cared for, receive a veterinary check up before going home, have a licensed vet remove the dewclaws and dock the tails, and they are vaccinated and dewormed. Most importantly they are well socialized and LOVED!

Are you ready to adopt a Vizsla?

1. You must be ready to have your new family member for 15-17 years.
Vizslas are not disposable. Because you have a human baby is not a reason to get rid of your Vizsla baby.
2. If you have a behavior problem develop, you must spend the time to correct it and if need be, hire a trainer/behaviorist to help you fix the problem.
3. You must be an active person/family that is prepared to exercise your Vizsla for at least an hour a day of running time.
4. Just as all humans have different needs and different personalities, so will your Vizsla. You must unconditionally LOVE your Vizsla.