Pronunciation: Exactly how do you pronounce Vizsla? Some people say Veeshla, some Vizla. The proper pronunciation is: VEEZH-luh (zh as in vision)

What are Vizslas?

They are great family dogs. Truly a versatile breed. Vizslas are a very striking medium sized dog with a short maintenance free, relatively oderless coat. Vizslas are very intelligent and easily trained. They have a wonderful loving personality. Like people, they need love and companionship. They are great with kids. Vizslas are natural hunters. They are part pointer, retriever, and hound dog, the all around great hunting dog. Their webbed feet make them great swimmers.

What aren't they?

Vizslas are NOT for everyone. If you think a Vizsla is for you, I strongly recommend that you read “The Versatile Vizsla” by Marion Coffman. Vizslas are not the dog for someone who does not want a ‘family’ dog. These dogs must be part of your family. They are NOT apartment dogs. They are NOT kennel dogs to be kept isolated from the family. They require lots of love, attention, and exercise (i.e. they require being part of your family).


If you are looking for an older Vizsla, we run the Southern California Vizsla Rescue. Thankfully, we usually have more families looking to adopt than dogs needing homes. If you are interested in adopting, please visit the website at: