Rusty Dog Ranch

PO Box 121665
San Diego, CA 92112

Vizsla Puppy Gallery

Some special photos of Rusty Dog Ranch Vizsla puppies. They just don't get any cuter than these little ones! These photos of the puppies range from one day old to 8 weeks old. These are taken in their natural environment and are taken by us, so please forgive in lighting issues. We are dog people, not camera people! Enjoy!

Our breeding program focuses on producing puppies with sound health and temperament for breed improvement. Even if we don't have puppies available, we are happy to assist you in deciding if the Vizsla is the right breed for you.

Rusty Dog Ranch is located near San Diego, Ca. Our name "Rusty Dog Ranch" is taken from the beautiful rust colored coats of our Vizslas. We enjoy raising and training dogs. Our Vizslas are truly part of our family. They live with us, vacation with us, and are just a little spoiled.

Julie Hedrick, Barbara Hedrick, & Randi Winchester, Rusty Dog Ranch Vizslas