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Kiowa is an exceptional example of a female Vizsla. She is very muscular and beautiful to look at. Of our four, she is the most active and fun loving. She is such a sweet dog that you can't help but fall in love with her! She is a bundle of energy all the time, in typical Vizsla fashion!


Kiowa has no disqualifications as per the AKC Standards.
  • General Appearance - Kiowa is the perfect example of a Female Vizsla.
  • Head - She has a lean and muscular head. Muzzle is square and deep. Nose is brown. Ears are thin and silky, and proportionately long. The color of the iris blends well with the coat. The eyelids neither turn in nor out and the surrounding tissue covers the whites.
  • Neck and Body - Kiowa has a strong a muscular neck that broadens nicely into her shoulders. Her body is strong and well proportioned. Chest is moderately broad and deep reaching to the elbows. Her tail is set just below the level of the croup, thicker at the base and docked 1/3 off reaching to the back of the stifle joined.
  • Forequarters - Shoulder blades are proportionately long and wide sloping back. Forelegs are straight and muscular. Feed are cat-like, round and compact with toes close. Nails are brown and short. Pads are thick and tough. Dewclaws have been removed.
  • Hindquarters - Kiowa's hind legs have well developed thighs with moderately angulated stifles and hocks in balance with shoulders.
  • Coat - Her coat is short, dense, and does not have a wooly undercoat.
  • Color - Kiowa is a beautiful deep rust color. She has no white patches on her chest or toes.
  • Gait - She has a far reaching, graceful and smooth gait.
  • Size - Kiowa conforms to the AKC standards and is 22 inches at the shoulders she is 42 pounds.
  • Temperament - Kiowa is very lively and loves to snuggle. She is very affectionate and loving. She is extremely intelligent.

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