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    The ancestors of the Vizsla are assumed to have been hunters and companions of the Magyar hordes which swarmed over Central Europe more than a thousand years ago and settled into what is now Hungary. The breed is depicted in various etchings that date back to the 10th century and manuscripts tracing to the 14th century. Apparently, the breed was a favorite of early barons and warlords who, either deliberately or by accident, preserved its purity through the years. The breed's innate hunting instinct was fostered by the terrain of Hungary, which was almost entirely agricultural and pastoral. The breed evolved into one suited to the climatic conditions and available game, resulting in a swift and cautious dog of superior nose and generally high-class hunting ability, combining the best assets of pointer and retriever. Although the Great Wars interrupted normal breed progress, a small amount of Vizslas existed that continued the breed's growth. Importation into the US began in the 1950s, and the breed was admitted to the AKC registry in 1960. Vizslas faced and survived several near-extinctions in their history, including near-extinction after World War II. Fortunately some very passionate owners were able to smuggle some Vizslas out of Hungary to keep the breed going.

Customer Testimonial

"We got our vizsla puppy, Brody, from Rusty Dog Ranch in October. We had the best experience with Julie, Barbara, and Randy, who raise the puppies (along with their dog mama). They were so incredibly helpful with our decision to get another vizsla, and the selection of the right pup for us. They take impeccable care of the puppies and are so obviously passionate about everything vizsla. It's infectious! They are doing this out of love and only have a couple of litters a year. Which means, if you want one of their puppies, you have to act fast. It looks like they are taking deposits on the spring litter right now. I know from our experience that the puppies went really quickly and there is a good reason for this. I would recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a vizsla. Look no further. Brody is perfect condition and he has the best temperament. He's great with other dogs and all people, including kids. He is just a hearty, healthy guy who loves life. Seems all of their puppies have these same qualities which says a lot. Also, they run the Socal Vizsla Rescue organization at http://www.socalvizsla.... Unfortunately (or fortunately) there are a lot more people willing to rescue than there are dogs available, but it is a great organization and it just speaks to the vizsla commitment by these ladies."

-from Alison S. in Santa Monica, CA on YELP

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